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Get a look at one an up and coming star on Destrehan's softball team. Marissa Lopez is the starting third baseman for destrehan's varsity softball team, and she is ONLY A FRESHMAN! See how Marissa is taking on the challenge of being the only freshman to start on the varsity team. In this one of a kind interview Marissa breaks down her strengths and weaknesses as a player and talks about the journey that she has taken to get where she is today.

Marissa Lopez feature Story

April 22, 2020


April 21, 2020

Teen In Bad Wreck Because Of Distracted Driving

Paul Seal

March 4, 2020

Teen drivers are the most susceptible to accidents. Drivers are 6 times more likely to get in a wreck when on their phones, than when they are under the influence of alcohol. Music streaming has increased to a total of 250 mil...

The Reality of Distracted Driving 

Treneice Cannon, Director/ Editor

March 4, 2020

While driving it’s important to keep yourself safe, but have you ever thought about the safety of others? When you text and drive you’re not only putting yourself at risk, but  someone else too. That “someone” can b...


Imari Lennix

March 3, 2020

Three young girls wanted to have a sleepover, but one of the girls had to take a rain check because of her petty  job. When she's working she comes in contact with her kidnapper, but she doesn't even know it. Her 30 minute break...

Kidnapped During the Day

Tahniya Baptiste

March 3, 2020

Janae invites Tah’Niya and Imari to a sleepover at her house. Imari has to come later because she has work. While Imari is on break, Janae and Tah’Niya decide to prank call her. Imari gets kidnapped while answering her phone. Jana...

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