Live Stream to YouTube Using WireCast Play


Albert Dupont, Adviser

Want to live stream your events to YouTube?  Well, It’s almost as easy as clicking the “Easy Button!”  In this video tutorial I will walk you through the setup to successfully stream your event to YouTube using WireCast Play software available through YouTube for $9.99.

The screen recording in this tutorial is from a live football broadcast on December 2, 2016 which demonstrates, on an iMac, how to use Wirecast Play software to send a live stream to YouTube.

The setup in this tutorial uses a HD-SDI video signal fed into a BlackMagic Design Mini-Recorder which is hooked to the iMac via a thunderbolt connection.  The HD-SDI signal is the program output of a BlackMagic Design ATEM 2 M/E switcher.

Below is a list of steps to setup your streaming in the YouTube Interface (In Your Web-Browser) and in the WireCast Play Software Interface.  One change from the video tutorial is in step four below.  I chose “Custom Ingestion” in the video because we always stream in 1080 so I have a preset I always use.  Choosing either “Basic” or “Custom” in the ingestion settings is a matter of personal preference and you should set up the BitRate based on the quality of your internet connection.

Link To WireCast Play to YouTube Tutorial Video

  1. YouTube Interface: Activate Live Streaming on your YouTube Account
  2. YouTube Interface: Create a Live Event
  3. YouTube Interface: Use “Custom Encoding” Options
  4. YouTube Interface: Choose “Basic Ingestion” Settings
  5. YouTube Interface: Basic Ingestion “Select A Bitrate”
  6. YouTube Interface: Select BitRate: 3000 Kbps – 6000 Kbps (1080p)
  7. YouTube Interface: Select Your Encoder – “Wirecast for YouTube”
  8. YouTube Interface: Go to “Live Control Room”
  9. WireCast Play Interface: Choose Audio Source to UltraStudio Mini-Recorder (or your device)
  10. WireCast Play Interface: Deselect “Built-In Audio Microphone”
  11. WireCast Play Interface: Change Video Source to Ultrastudio Mini-Recorder (or your device)
  12. WireCast Play Interface: Authenticate Wirecast
  13. WireCast Play Interface: Choose the Event
  14. WireCast Play Interface: Press The “Stream” Button
  15. YouTube Interface: Live Control Room Tab – Click “Preview” Button
  16. YouTube Interface: Live Control Room Tab – Click “Start Streaming” Button
  18. YouTube Interface: Live Control Room Tab – To End Your Event – Click “Stop Streaming” Button (Once you click “Stop Streaming” you CANNOT RESTART.)
  19. WireCast Play Interface: Click the “Stream” Button to stop sending data to YouTube

Archived Game Broadcast

Multiviewer Recording 2nd Quarter with Intercom Track

Multiviewer Recording 2nd Half with Intercom Track