ATVB II team members explore potential career paths

Jordan Reid, ATVB Facilitator

The team members of Advanced Television Broadcasting II focused on the future at the beginning of a new semester. They launched a “Brand Yourself” project that included presentations of different jobs within the broadcasting and video industries, as well as resumes to help them prepare for the job search. 

The team members showcased careers such as technical directors, sports analyst, animator and stunt doubles. With each presentation, there were important details of daily duties, salaries, as well as skill and education requirements.

Afterwards, the team members looked over their own skills and experiences to set up a resume that could help them search for a job during or after high school. The project aimed to bring awareness about different opportunities that are available to them with the skills they learn in Advanced Television Broadcasting. It also helped them prepare for a potential job opening. At the end of the project, team members had a better understanding about the industry and how to showcase themselves.