St. Charles Women’s Club PSA


DaJean Williams, Reporter

The St. Charles Women’s Club is a nonprofit organization full of extraordinary women that make a difference in the community while having fun. They host fundraisers, auctions, luncheons, and more. They collect donations at all events and give it all back in every way possible. These women have many groups including book clubs, movie clubs, music groups, arts and crafts, and more.

This PSA has been made to show the community all that these women do. They have been impacted by Covid-19 a great deal but still are pushing and will push to help as much as possible. They have limited events where they will require the most staff and instead resorted to smaller events. The Women’s Club accepts women all year round and encourages women in St. Charles Parish and close proximity to join.

St. Charles Women’s Club Making a Difference While Having Fun.