“Don’t leave me behind”


Angel Harp, Reporter

St. Charles Parish non-profit organization, The Women’s Club of St. Charles put together a campaign to make people aware of the dangers of hot cars and kids being left. Both the Sheriff department and the Women’s club teamed up to tell the Parish about the campaign and make them aware. The club saw a very important problem and wanted to bring it to life and let everyone know that not just leaving kids behind in cars, but they can wonder in unlock cars and other items. They are letting everyone know everyday that the problem is still happening.

Interviews from Tyrell Cornwell, and Renee Kinler about the topic. They shared personal experiences they have heard or experienced. They also shared what the community could do to help this serious problem. Tyrell shared an experienced that has happened in the Parish, she said “we lost one child in St. Charles Parish” and also ended saying “one child is too many”. Renee Kinler from the Sheriff department shared what the community can do when they encounter the situation. She told everyone when finding a child “to do everything you can to get the child out the car and we will do the rest”. They have worked to get the message out to the Parish to prevent an accident.