“Genie”- A Short Film


Devin Acker, Actor

Picture this! The day goes normal until you get to that one class that gives you the most trouble. It seems like the day can’t get any worse until it does. The teacher slaps a test down on your desk. A test you did not study for so in a last ditch effort to cram studying in. You rush to the bathroom and something strange is going on. You notice someone and then they disappear?? Maybe you didn’t get enough sleep or maybe it’s a Genie. If so, what can go wrong?  


“Genie” is a  film directed by Da’Jean Williams. With actors starring Devin Acker, Zyonne Jones, and Da’Jean Williams. The music is brought by Motion Array. While the editing is brought by Devin Acker, Zyonne Jones and Da’Jean Williams. This is a movie the whole family can enjoy.