I got Prank ideas for y’all!


Angel Harp, Director

The Prank premiered on the day of pranks, April 1st leaving the audience in laughter. With Joey Lemoine and Seth Perret being the main characters of the film and being who they are brought the film to life. We also got help from Mandi Modica, Logan Sampey, Samantha Clement, Blaine Parsons and Elaine Fitzgerald to help tie the film. Even though there was things in the film that could be fixed, the film was still great for the viewers to enjoy. Angel Harp was the director, camera operator, and editor of the film, bringing The Prank to you.

Three high school seniors with a plan to pull off multiple pranks on the school soon turn into a change of plans for the group which leads to a mishap that wasn’t planned. Joey taking lead of the pranks was being serious with everyone and making a prank more like a heist. Seth was the one who was scared and jumpy trying to stay above water and keep his squeaky clean image perfect. Blaine ends up in a pickle causing the group to fall into a pickle.


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