Film Embracing Black Beauty Enters Contest


Kevell Byrd, Director

Haircare culture is one very important aspect of the black community. Growing up, I personally felt the harshness of being a young black girl with Afrocentric hair and with straight hair. I was harassed because I wasn’t understood. My hair became a huge part of my lifestyle and how I was treated growing up. My experience can be related to millions of other little black girls growing up and even now.

As a director, I felt it was important to share how important hair is to the black community and it’s more than just a body part sitting upon our hair. While a lot of people don’t or just refuse to understand why our hair is more than just hair, it’s still important to use this film to educate the world outside the black community. Press Play Critics commented that “This film is a breakthrough in bringing awareness to the raw experience of being a black girl in today’s society.”

The film is what you make of it. Whether it’s memories from your days growing up with kinky hair or learning about our deep connection with hair from an outsider’s perspective. As long as you become aware of the hardships young black girls have to face every day because of something they were born with, then my job has been done. You can check out the film above and support it in the Film Prize Junior Contest between April 15-25. It was also submitted to the All-American High School Film Festival.