The Swamp Is Keeping People On Their Toes!


Angel Harp, Director

The Swamp will be hitting theaters and is recommend for all viewers. The Swamp is showing a group of students in class finding the truth of what the school was built on and how it is out to get them. The main characters Blaine Parsons, Mandi Modica, Logan Sampey, Joey Lemoine, Angel Harp, and Seth Perret all played roles that were perfect for the tone of the movie and a beautiful performance. Seth Perret played our monster the “rougarou” which kept everyone on their toes by his performance. Joey Lemoine was in charge of audio, Seth Perret and Angel Harp were the film’s camera operators and editers, and Angel Harp, Seth Perret, Joey Lemoine, Blaine Parson, and Mandi Modica were the writers of the film. These creative people did it all creating an unforgettable movie.