Traffic PSA

Angel Harp, Director

The class had a choice on what project they would like to work on and had different requirements. The two choices were to film as course commercials for the satellite center and its classes, and film a traffic PSA for the class and a contest. For the commercials the requirements were you had to have a 1 minute video and 2, 30 second video one that works for instagram and one that works for twitter, you also had to work by yourself for the project. For the traffic PSA you were able to choose to work alone, with a partner, or a group. You would film one for the class that would be 30- a minute long and the second one would be 25 seconds for the contest. 


I chose to work with Mandi Modica to film both traffic PSA’s. We wanted to have 2 different stories for our videos. Our 30 second video to a minute was targeting how listening to music can distract you from driving and be just as harmful as not texting and driving. For the contest video, it had to be about texting and driving. Both Mandi and I filmed and edited two different videos to tell the same story but in a different way. I wanted to show suspense and made the video out of order by showing the accident at first and showing a flashback. I also didn’t show the whole incident and just showed the bloody hand along with the broken phone to emphasise the situation that occurred.