A/C and Refrigeration I

Logan Sampey, Reporter

The job demand for A/C and Refrigeration is projected to be on a 4% increase until the year 2029 (US BUREAU OF LABOR STATISTICS) along with that job demand comes the need for skilled and hard-working employees. Typically, students would enroll in a trade school after graduating high school to begin gaining the knowledge and skills that they need to be hired in this trade. However, students at the Satellite Center have an advantage. 

A/C and Refrigeration 1 is a course offered at the satellite center, led by facilitator Steve Boudreaux. This course dives into the basics of A/C and refrigeration and teaches students the most important aspect of any trade-based job. Saftey.

Boudreaux believes that, “Anytime you’re dealing with construction industry fields, it’s very important that they’re being understanding and appreciative of the safety rules and guidelines.

Once students grasp the safety aspect of the class, they move into working with equipment that meets the industry standards. This gives students at the satellite a real advantage moving into trade school or the workforce because they are getting hands-on experience with this equipment before even graduating high school, and experience is always something that A/C and Refrigeration companies look at when hiring.

When asked if students have an advantage by taking this class Boudreaux said, “Absolutely. Because they’ve been introduced to it, so when they go to the community college or even if they go straight to work, they have been exposed to the different components and safety considerations surrounding it.”

For more information regarding A/C and Refrigeration at the Satellite Center, you can go to https://www.stcharles.k12.la.us/satellite or attend the virtual open house (https://docs.google.com/presentation/d/1EANGFsLJ9SaWiB55pn720KgFSEfl-Z7NsPsF1UA41fU/present?slide=id.p).