ATVB Course Commercial


Kevell Byrd, News Reporter

Advanced TV Broadcasting (ATVB) is a project-based course at the Satellite Center. We’re excited for you to learn about us in hopes of joining the course next school year. As someone taking the course this year, I was able to showcase it for you.

This course’s projects range from sports broadcasting,  feature stories, short films, commercials, and more. We also highlight our community through projects such as pink link PSAs and the Haunted History Hike commercials. Besides those projects, we’re always recording community events within our school system. As a bonus, for every event you work at you get paid in knowledge and in money.

The course ranges over two semesters and is taught by Samantha Clement. You also learn skills ranging from the technical side of video production such as editing skills, camera skills, and setting up a studio to the art of videography such as different types of shots and how to write a script.

Taking this course will give you a head start in college if you choose the videography or television broadcasting field. If this isn’t the field you’re interested in, this class is still a great creative outlet that will teach you good stage presence and people skills that everyone could use in their lives.

You can check out more information about the satellite center virtual open house at this link: