Hybrid Schedule: What’s the Point?


Sabastien Becnel, Reporter

Ever since the 2020-2021 school year has started in Hahnville High School, a schedule was implemented in order to reduce the number of students going in just one day.

In August 2020 students got their first taste of what the new schedule was like, in which two groups of students enrolled, Purple and Gold, would go on opposite days from the other group. The system is flawed in its execution, as the majority of the students would go to school on Gold days and much less students were on Purple days.

Thankfully, this issue was solved in 2020 when the second semester rolled around. In order to solve this problem, the school took a few students from the Gold days that they are used to and put them in Purple days. This may not seem like much, but this schedule change could be major to the students that got switched.

According to a website known as Parent Cue teenagers tend to have a harder time dealing with change, saying “for teens, unwanted or unanticipated change may lead to feeling out of control and overwhelmed. We now know that excessive or chronic stress poses dangerous consequences on mental, emotional, and physical well-being.”

The students that were switched are dealing with a different schedule, however this isn’t the only change happening in Hahnville. Even those who didn’t get switched around now have to deal with new classes with the start of the second semester. This will be sure to pile on more stress in school, especially if a student got multiple classes that they find difficult in this semester.