Will the Recruiting Class Ever Be the same after COVID?


Jaylon Bush, Reporter

COVID has been interfering with everything in the world. One process that’s hurting a lot is the recruiting process. According to NCSA, 16% college coaches expect to lose a few scholarships, 4% expect to lose the majority of their scholarships, and 20% think they will be fewer in the future. 

Because of COVID restrictions, D1 schools can’t have any visits. This for a fact makes athletes’ decisions harder to make because they don’t know the home-feeling of the school.

“This season has been somewhat different because college coaches can’t come see guys.” This is a quote from Hahnville Basketball Head Coach Yusef Jasmine. He’s explaining how it’s harder to get recruited since coaches can’t come to games.

COVID has changed the world as a whole forever. The recruiting class can be something that won’t be the same at all. Hopefully, soon it’ll be as normal as possible, unless this is the new normal.