“Please watch for Motorcycles”


Devin Acker, Reporter

Ever seen a motorcycle while driving? Or while in the passenger seat? Ever wonder how they do it? And keep safe while on the road? The idea of keeping motorcyclists safe on the road is one that MAC brings to you.

The Motorcycle Awareness Campaign is a simple organization that brings awareness to motorcyclists and the general public. MAC’s goal is to decrease the number of crashes and deaths in motorcycle crashes. A lesser known fact is that the month of May is the month for motorcycle safety. This goal is getting reached.

The slogan “Please watch for Motorcycles” is what MAC pushes for the general public to remember. For more information about MAC visit https://www.macorg.com/ or https://www.facebook.com/MACSEEMOTORCYCLES/ .

This is all in effort to increase the safety of those who ride motorcycles. Let’s hope those numbers stay down.