The St. Charles Satellite Center is Adding Three new Opportunities


Lawson Dugas, Reporter

The Satellite Center offers 18 classes total to Hahnville students and Destrehan Students. The Satellite Center is located at 285 Judge Edward Dufresne Parkway, Luling, LA 70070. 

Mrs. Fitzgerald, the Satellite center Administrator, tells us that Dance II “can count as a refine arts credit or a physical education credit.” Dance II will be taught by the current dance teacher, Mrs. Weber.

Digital Arts Exploration and Internship will be offered by the center’s current Interactive media facilitator, Mr. Brian Gough, and will offer team members the chance to explore Digital Arts further. 

With the expansion, EMR will be offered more hours to anyone interested. In fact, both the Patient care and health career exploration Facilitators will both be offering the extra hours to students.

These new opportunities will be available to any child, grade 11 or 12, in St. Charles Parish that want to learn more about Dance, EMR, or Digital Arts. 

To learn more about the upcoming changes check out the satellite Center homepage, the Satellite Centers Facebook page and the Satellite Centers Twitter page.  Or contact your school counselor if you attend Destrehan or Hahnville High School.