Satellite Center Expands Within Its Walls


Jaylen Spiller, Editer

The Satellite Center is a program which offers new, more advanced electives for students looking to broaden their horizons. With more qualifying and enrolling in the program, the St Charles Parish School Board has allowed more courses to be added to the program. The most recent updates of courses are: EMR, Dance II, And Digital Arts Exploration. These expansions are expected to be available at the start of the 2021-2022 school year.

The courses that are projected to join are just a split version and or ex;pansions of already existing Classes. EMR is being split from “Patient Care”, Dance II is being expanded from “Dance I”, and Digital Arts Exploration is being split from “Digital Media”. These classes are also going to be taught in each of the same classrooms pre existing to the changes.

Mrs Kristy Smith and Mrs Denise Robichaux, will be colliding to teach EMR. Mrs Weber, will be teaching Dance II, And Mr. Gough will be teaching Digital Arts Exploration.

The school board hopes to pinpoint exact classes and offer new opportunities for students to choose what they think they’ll be interested in.  “The students will have opportunities available to them that weren’t available to them in the past.” The Satellite Center Administrator told me.  They plan on introducing the courses with a VR experience where students will be able to click and learn more about each course.

To learn more, visit the Satellite Center webpage or talk to your local school counselor.