SCP and Ochsner fights blood shortage


Angel Harp, Reporter

Hospitals are in critical need for platelets and type O blood cells, but are accepting all blood types. During the event held at the Dufresne Community Center in St.Charles Parish. Everyone was required to wear a mask, temperature check, and complete a screening before donating. Ochsner has many facilities that host blood drives that anyone can make an appointment to help the shortage.


St. Charles Parish hosted one of Ochsner’s blood banks at the Edward A. Dufresne Center in Luling, Louisiana. Covid-19 has really put a strain on life. It has mostly impacted hospitals, becoming low on resources. The blood bank has been doing their part in Covid-19 concerns and St. Charles was proud to be a part of it according to Duane Foret, “Well I think it’s important, this is a community center, we can engage the community”. He was happy to have something in the community to help bring people together during the challenging time.


Community members were happy to be a part of helping communities around them by participating in a good cause. Melton Johnson was one of the donors on January 24 giving blood and was saying how it was a great idea to hold such an important event. Ochsner holds many facilities around greater New Orleans with one being located in our parish, and because of that St. Charles Parish is more than welcome to hold an event in their community.