Athlete beats deadly infection to live dreams


Joey Lemoine, Reporter

Briana Gilmore suffered perforated appendicitis  which put her life on pause as she was just about to enter high school. “It’s not even common in girls that were my size or age,” said Destrehan High School junior, Briana Gilmore. 


Briana and her loved ones didn’t think much of this at first but as it got more severe, that’s when her father decided it needed attention. Briana ended up being in the hospital for a little over a month in a half and being limited immediately. “I couldn’t walk without… holding on to an IV machine… and I couldn’t process anything in my stomach without it all coming up”. 


After a week of rest at her home, she realised wouldn’t be able to play the sports she used to but was in luck as she was still able to play softball. “They take like a lot more contact especially volleyball like diving on the floor is not advised. I still have pains in my right side and it’s basically affected my abdominal wall for like a good while. It’s not as much in the physical aspect anymore, it’s more on the internal.” 


Through all this Briana had to keep herself with positive messages. “You have to keep chugging, keep going,” and that deals with any aspect in her life’s future as her life was flipped upside down unexpectedly.

You can check out Briana and her fellow ladycat teammates at their next home game as they will be hosting Academy of Our Lady in a scrimmage at 2:00pm.