All About The ATVB Class At The LPAC!

Janae Jackson, Videographer

At the Lafon Performing Arts Center, also known as the LPAC, in Luling, LA there are 4 courses offered for students who are interested in media fields. Advanced TV Broadcasting, which is the course promoted in this video, is one of them. For this course, the student is encouraged to take TV productions at their high schools first. Taking the prerequisite will give the student a headstart and have them more prepared for the ATVB course once they enroll in it. The ATVB class is an all-year round course, meaning it covers the whole school year for a total of 4 class periods. 

ATVB is a project-based course so no paper and pencil tests and quizzes are ever given. Projects that are assigned in the class include PSAs, course commercials, short films, news/sports productions, etc. In the advanced tv class, team members have the opportunities to go out and film things in the parish and be compensated for filming. They film different events such as choir and band performances, school board meetings, sporting events, plays, etc. The parish also provides media staff shirts to ensure that ATVB team members represent well when they go out to film.

The video shown below was a class project the AM session had to create a commercial promoting the course. Being that the AM session only holds 5 team members, the project was an easy task for us group to divide and conquer. The commercial is a brief description of the course and includes team member interviews and shows behind the scenes in the work center and team members using the studio equipment.