Hahnville Track, Field and Pole Vaulting

Kollin Rubin

Upcoming interview featuring track and field athlete turned Pole Vaulting Star, Bradon Davidson. During the featured interview conducted by Kollin Rubin, Davidson expressed his transition from track and field to pole vaulting. Davidson will inform viewers of his commitment to practice while competing in track and field. Davidson states he has been interested in pole vaulting since his freshman year. He will discuss his long term goals of obtaining the ability to pole vaulting 14-6 because currently, he states, he is at 13. 


     Although Davidson states he loves pole vaulting, he would love to return to track and field if he is able to obtain a scholarship for college. As I have researched, pole vaulting is apart of a track and field event.  Both, track/field and Pole Vaulting requires running, speed, strength, and agility. All in which, Davidson prepares for independently and with his teammates.