Quarter 1 Project

Everyone in ATVB AM Class

Bryant Fletcher, Director, Writer and Editor

For our quarter one projects,  out class had a selection of multiple topics we could choose to concentrate on to help give us more experience for our chosen field of interest, I choose the concentration of short films. I chose short films because I want to be a film director and writer (maybe even and actor) after I graduate high school and college. Short films allow one’s self to create any film imaginable with, a film to your heart’s desire if you will. Short films can also express one’s emotions in a short amount of time and allow for one to gain more experience incase they want to make a long feature length film in the future.

My process to making my short film “The Studio: Episode 2” come to life was the script that I had to write and the week we had to film it. I had to get classmates from all around the class and write roles for them as well as make time for their scenes as they were working on their concentrations as well. After filming I was challenged with multiple challenges like editing stuff in and then taking them out and realizing that the short film I made really doesn’t have a plot and was just random events going on in the classroom. I eventually had to be like Thanos and make sacrifices like that required strongest will and cut out one of my favorite scenes where Michael yells at Mako because it didn’t make since to the story. Ultimately, the video came out 50/50 for me because it is funny and can put a smile on somebody’s face, but the story to me is just  not what I want to make anymore because honestly this short I made could’ve had a better story to go along with it.

What I learned form this experience is that I want to write and direct more story driven shorts and films in general so that way for when I want to take this project on again for next quarter, I can get more knowledge on storytelling and filmmaking. I would choose this topic again because it allows for freedom of creation and you can also learn what genre of  films you’re good at making and what genre of films you’re not so good at making, but you can also learn how to communicate with people and learn new editing tips as well.