Lip Dub Reflection

Everyone at LPAC and SC

Bryant Fletcher, Co-Group Leader

I think the overall lip dub went well because we took a risk with the mashup and mashups are really risky because that means every class had to be ready when “their” song came on. I really liked the teamwork put in by Taylor and Hailey to make this lip dub but what I think should be approved i the whole interaction between AM and Pm, it was like was the AM class really only went with what they said and just stood there  feeling they were without any interaction of how the lip dub should go.

I do think the video accomplished it’s job of promoting the Satellite Center because it showed how we have a good time and the freedom we have, but it also showcases all the classes and the skills we learn over at the LPAC and SC. The videos in years past were bad except for the first one and the one from 2018 and I think it’s because everyone agreed to the plan we had laid out for them and the teamwork that happened as well.

I think the overall planning experience was great but I still believe AM and PM should’ve collaborated more on ideas rather than AM submitting to PM’s ideas. This could be improved by either two lip dubs (one for AM and one for PM) or more collaboration between group leaders.

For next year I think Mr. Robinson should continue to do the same thing and be the mentor for both AM and PM, but should definitely have both AM and PM collaborate on ideas rather than use one idea for lip dub.