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LULING, LA – I liked how the video turned out in the end, I liked that everyone knew there part for the most part. I thought their costumes were very creative. I also really liked when they were passing in the TV Studio, the part of the talents talking on the camera, it showed what ATVB does. A few things that could’ve been improved were at the end of AM they could’ve looked less awkward in that crowd. I do feel for the most part that we showed what satellite center is about, we showed each course well. We did try and avoid people from not knowing the words, we stressed to them just how important it is they know all the words. I feel the biggest challenge to this project was setting up the day of filming, it took a few shots before we got it right. We also had a camera man change, which was me at first, but then it became difficult so we had another team member take over. Practice is key is one thing I took away from this project. Next years group should really make sure they know exactly what they’re doing, and should know it won’t be perfect at first which is fine, it takes time to make something great.

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Jo Leggett, Camera, editor, director


Hello, I'm Jo Leggett. I'm a senior at Hahnville High School. I'm excited to be working here at Satellite Center. I'll be working behind the...

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