Graduation BTS Production Pics

Here are some pictures taken with my iPhone at the Destrehan High School Graduation on May 12, 2016.


Here’s a Panorama shot of the venue, the Pontchartrain Center in Kenner, LA.  We park our production trailer on the loading dock and run the cables in through a large garage door.  We feed Program to the screens on each side of the stage.




Here is a picture of our typical camera setup.  We are using the SDI Output of a Sony NX5U Camera in 1080i 59.94.  That feeds a BlackMagic Fiber Camera Converter using a system by Tactical Fiber.  They sell the mounting bracket to the right of the converter box and the connection points.  They are snap on dust caps that protect the cables when you are rolling them up and storing them.

I attach them to the Tripod with some of those stiff, rubber coated wire things sold at a store like Home Depot used to tie up extension cords.  I’ll get some better pics tonight.



We have three fiber reels by Tactical Fiber.  We have 2-1000′ rolls and 1-500′ roll.  We are hoping to get one more roll this summer.  The BlackMagic Camera Converter in the Trailer can take in four cameras.




Here’s an inside shot of the Production Trailer.  The screen in the middle is for the NewTek 3Play 425 system which we were not using last night.  We are currently using a BlackMagic ATEM 1 M/E switcher but are upgrading to a ATEM 2 M/E switcher this Summer.


Just missing some lawn chairs and an ice chest…


We also had one camera on a Radian Pro Wireless system.  This camera worked the back of the room shooting the Band and the students processing in and out.  We also used it as a safety wide shot during the Ceremony.



Radian Pro Receiver hooked to an SDI Line run back to the trailer.



YouTube Interface during the graduation.  We are using the Wirecast free version and feeding our Program Feed into Wirecast using a Thunderbolt connected Blackmagic Recorder box.


And finally, we were having problems with the Internet in the Center kicking us off the network when we started streaming one hour before the event started.  It started working about two minutes before the event…. that was a close one!!!

Pictured here is an old DSL Modem hooked up with Alligator Clips into the phone system as a backup setup by the audio engineer at the Center.  MacGyver would have been proud!!!

We weren’t sure if the problem was if that we were streaming in HD, so we had to create an SD Event and it worked OK.

The day before I tested the stream in the exact same place and it worked fine…  Here’s the test:

On another note… Kinda Cool, production-wise, not circumstance-wise:

WWL TV Used our stream in their story.