Student Track Athlete Describes the Effects on Staying Motivated

Treneice Cannon


Hahnville high school’s track athlete, Channing Canada, shares his experiences on being a runner.. From realizing his love for the sport in junior high to giving it his all during his current track season, Canada can recall the lessons learned and what helped build him up to make him the athlete that he is today. “What motivates me most is when people doubt me it just gives me a chance to prove them wrong” stated Canada. 

During his first few years of high school he may have not been the coaches first choice due to his speed however, he portrayed the determination and dedication needed to move up. “The first track meet I ran was the 4x200m relay and the 4x400m relay, that was my first actual win I got to take home” explained Canada. With his first meet being his first win, it added to the motivation Canada already had through the years. Now at his senior year Canada is able to narrate the story of his experience of being a track athlete.