Another Year, Another Tear For The New Orleans Saints


Zyonne Jones, Reporter

A familiar site at the end of the season for the last three years still has still found a way to come to life. This one hits a lot differently than the other three because this could possibly be Drew Brees last game. The impact of this season looks to change a lot in New Orleans looking towards the future.

As the fans were looking forward towards a SuperBowl run the New Orleans Saints fell to division rivals Tampa Bay Buccaneers. The loss left the city in shock to see Drew play possibly his worst postseason performance yet. Being 43 and having a lot of injuries everyone thinks this is it for the Future Hall Of famer. 

Drew Brees meant a lot to the city as he and Head Coach Sean Payton came to the city after it faced its worst disaster yet, Hurricane Katrina. Since coming to the city in 2006 the two changed the organization as they won the super bowl three years later. Drew did a lot for the city so to see him possibly play his last game it makes the fans sad but proud at the same time.

As for the future of the team they are in a win now state. The team has everything to be a top contender for the super bowl but is in question for the quarterback spot. The Quarterback that is under contract right now is Taysom Hill who knows the playbook already and could possibly be the quarterback for the future. Jameis Winston could resign with the team but has not done so yet. The team does not have cap room and high draft picks as they have been good for the last 4 years. They could trade up in the draft or trade for a quarterback soon. As of right the saints look forward to the future.