Satellite Center team members interview peers about class courses

Hahnville highschool’s Satellite Center team members have recently worked together to interview and get their peers to talk a little about the class, and share his/her experiences there throughout this year. The class they chose to interview was the ATVB course also held at the Satellite Center. The most common thing that all team members could agree on was in the start of the year each of them were not comfortable with the class and were not exposed to most things that they would begin to learn in the course. It was clear that this for them was not looked upon as a negative but a positive. Especially with a superior teacher they had, Ms. Samantha Clement. When asked about all team members who we interviewed could explain the obstacles they had overcome and new things they’ve learned and how it has helped them throughout the whole year. 

 When asked about how they grew individually one of the team members, Tah’niyah B. stated, “Working with other classes helped us deal with managing our time, working with amateur actors, and talking to people you don’t know.” The class agreed that this was definitely going to help them prepare for the real world and sooner or later real jobs in these types of industries if they decided to go for a career in this field. The class also explained they learned how to manage money and use time cards being said that they earn pay for working different school related events. Also responsibility with earning their 25 hours each semester for the course as well. Team members say they’d definitely recommend this class to any other students and that it will most certainly take you out of your convert zones and expose you to schools most advanced technology yet.