Destrehan Softball

With all of the amazing players on the Destrehan High School Softball team, Nick Lopez and I were focusing on player in particular; Marissa Lopez. Marissa is one of the only freshman players on the team and she is a starting player on the varsity team. Marissa played a variety of sports in middle school but she had always had a love for softball. With not only facing new challenges like starting varsity games as a freshman, she had to also learn a whole new position that she had never played before.

She still has a few more years to learn more things, but she aspires to be a good leader and teammate towards her team and coaches. The upperclassmen helped her in many was both on and off the field and she is beyond grateful. “I couldn’t do it without the help of my coaches and my teammates.” says Marissa. Marissa Lopez. With the help of the coaches and teammates, Marissa is going to be a great leader to the Destrehan Softball team in the future.