Imari Lennix

Calling every future journalist, filmmakers, and editors who live in St.Charles Parish. The Lafon Performing arts center wants you to come and join the team this fall and make the year 2020-21 one to remember. This course will help guide you into knowing if broadcast is something you would want to do in life. Meet with your guidance counselor and let them know you’re interested in taking the course to set up a meeting with the facilitator Ms.Samantha Clement.

Hopefully you’re considering pursuing a future career in the mass-communication fields, if so you should consider taking Advanced T.V Broadcasting at the Lafon Performing Arts Center. This course can teach you about writing scripts for events that occur, it teaches you about filming for different events like sporting events, plays/musicals, shorts films, etc. You will also learn how to edit the films, and experience what it’s like to work with a client. My team and, I created a video to show you a bit more behind the scenes of what we do in the class and projects that we’ve worked on in our time being a part of advanced t.v broadcasting.

To contact anyone for help, or more information about the course, check out the staff profiles for direct contact lines.